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London is one of the most historically rich cities in the world. There is something new to discover about the city every day, even if you’ve been here before. Let us introduce you to the city in a way you’ve never seen it. We’ll custom plan your day and help choose the right places for you to explore.


London has an incredible amount to see and do. It has countless world-famous sights and tourist attractions. From historic buildings and sites such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge, to Royal Palaces such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. There are also some spectacular modern attractions including the London Eye, The Shard and the Arcelormittal Orbit.


There are thousands of places to shop in London. The choice is immense. From high street shops to brand name outlets, traditional English boutiques,  large modern shopping centres, and famous department stores, there is something for every budget.


Whether it is a quick bite, a humble breakfast or an elegant dinner, there is something that will delight your taste buds. With first class Hechsheirim some of the best Restaurants in London are the Kosher places.


London has a unique Jewish history going back thousands of years. Some of the worlds most famous Shuls still stand tall in London and many of world renown Gedolim are buried here. Pre-war Jewish quarters are being preserved as historical and cultural heritage areas.

Royal Palaces

The Royal Palaces in London are some of the most incredible places a person can see. There are no less than 11 Royal Palaces in London.  When you visit one of these palaces, you’ll be going back to a time when kings and queens ruled the land. These are some of the world’s most spectacular works of architecture, and they contain some of the most famous works of art as well. Here are a few of the incredible palaces that London has to offer.

Tower of London

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Palace

Windsor Castle

Our Decade Of Experience Will Take You Back Centuries


With over ten years experience, after spending a few minutes with our clients we pick up what it is that will interest them and customize the trip to their desires.  


We pride ourselves with expert knowledge of the city’s rich history and hidden games, from famous landmarks to the secret dungeons, we know where they are and how to get you there.


It’s not just about the places we’ll take you, what we do on the way is just as important. We’ll show off with how much we know about the rich history, the culture and yes we’ll make you laugh too.


We understand that the kids need some attention too. After all what ticks you might not do it for them. We plan and balance the day  so adults and children alike enjoy every moment. 

Experience Knowledge, Experience Entertainment, Experience HaManhig

Places of Interest

More than 20 million people visit London each year. There’s plenty of things to see in Britain’s capital, including parks, museums, wild adventures and a wide range of tourist attractions. And of course, one can’t forget London’s many majestic royal places.

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